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A new transport experience

Nine transport means take visitors to explore Kaohsiung

  • Light Rail

    Light Rail

    Thoughtful and modern, Kaohsiung’s Circular Line uses low-floor trains and platforms. Its white color symbolizes water, while pearl green represents nature. Eco-friendly and proactive, this “new mobile landmark” of Kaohsiung is sure to draw much attention!
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  • City Bike

    City Bike

    All it needs is an iPass card or credit card and you can hire a Cbike whenever you want and begin to explore this unbelievable city.
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  • Double Decker Bus

    Double Decker Bus

    Kaohsiung Double Decker Bus has an open upper deck.Presently there are the East-West and South-North routes. The routes are fascinating in their own ways.
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  • Kaohsiung Cultural Tour Buses

    Kaohsiung Cultural Tour Buses

    The Kaohsiung Cultural Tour Buses are a special service for tourists, taking you on a unique tour of Kaohsiung’s well known tourist spots. There are 4 cultural tour...
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  • Solar Powered Boat (The Love Boat)

    Solar Powered Boat (The Love Boat)

    The Kaohsiung Love Boat is a new kind of solar powered boat, and it is considerably more comfortable than a passenger boat. The LED lights on the hull at night attract ...
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  • City Center Ferry

    City Center Ferry

    Kaohsiung ferries have long been the main transportation method used by locals to get to and from Cijin; today a ferry ride has become of the distinctive experiences ...
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  • Kaohsiung Culture Yacht

    Kaohsiung Culture Yacht

    The Kaohsiung Culture Yacht will take you sailing to 3 must-see spots. 7 cruise itineraries will take you to the Former British Consulate at Takao, The Pier 2 Art Center...
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  • Amphibious Tour Bus (Duck Boat)

    Amphibious Tour Bus (Duck Boat)

    The Amphibious Tour Bus can be driven uphill and out to sea, allowing tourists to enjoy the novelty of the "land boat" experience, the Amphibious Tour...
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  • Tourist Cruise Ships

    Tourist Cruise Ships

    Kaohsiung Port is an international cargo port and is of great importance to the city. Take a trip on a tourist cruise ship and let your guide introduce you to the glory...
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